(inspired by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

Right after the presidential election in November, I read the following headline:

Justice Ginsburg Wears 'Dissent' Collar Following Contentious Election 

Justice Ginsburg wears different collars with her judicial robes, one of which she reserves for reading dissenting opinions. The day after the election, she appeared on the bench in her famous dissent collar. She has been openly critical of Donald Trump in the past, so her collar choice appeared to be a quiet but deliberate statement on the outcome of the election.

There's so much I love about this:

It gave me a chance to celebrate the powerful women we do have in office.

The odd juxtaposition of steel intellect and old-fashioned etiquette that governs the world of the Supreme Court--of which the lace collars worn with austere black robes is perfectly emblematic--is somehow reassuring to me. 

It's a genuine note of resistance but it's also funny.

Here is a picture of RBG's dissent collar, of which she says

"This is my dissenting collar...It looks fitting for dissents."

RBG Dissent Collar


So, I've been making Dissent Collars, in honor of Justice Ginsburg.