Solo show at Arlington Arts Center's Wyatt Gallery, July 11-August 23, 2015

My solo show, Screenshot, reflects an interest in the structure of domestic life and the schedules and patterns which order a life with small children. I use the graphics and content from the computer game Minecraft as a source of material and fodder for the show at the Arlington Arts Center's Wyatt Gallery in July, 2015. In its simplest mode, Minecraft is a virtual, three-dimensional, animated Lego world: you have access to all the game's resources and few limits on what you can create. This series of paintings and photographs looks at the way in which Minecraft parallels so many aspects of parenting: its repetitive labor, its reassuring cycle of days, its surprising beauty, the importance of fundamentals like shelter, gathering resources and food, and protecting yourself and those under your care. This work explores the many places where Minecraft exploration and real-life exploration overlap, visually, emotionally and structurally.