Grizzly Grizzly, Philadelphia, PA

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Reasoned Likelihood at Grizzly, Grizzly

319 N 11th Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia PA

May 5-27, 2017

Love the group show I'm in up at the Grizzly Grizzly Gallery in Philly. The AAC resident artists and the artists of Grizzly Grizzly have been exchanging work, gallery space and ideas over the past few months. They are exhibiting the AAC artists in two shows in May and June, 2017, and we are currently showing their work at the Wyatt Gallery in AAC. It's been a pleasure and an honor!

Reasoned Likelihood at Grizzly Grizzly

Breaking in Two

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I'm getting ready to install my solo show 'Motherload' at Flashpoint Gallery here in DC. The show is primarily about the creative chaos of parentlng and curator Laura Roulet, my awesome mentor for the project, forwarded me this review of the 2012 show 'Breaking in Two' which also focuses on the life of the artist/mother. The show challenges the traditional forms of motherhood and the work looks terrific. Thanks, Laura!

Domestic Territories at OllyOlly, February 29--March 31 2016

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Olly Olly is pleased to present Domestic Territories, a new exhibition of art curated by Sarah Irvin. For the exhibition, Domestic Territories, DC area artists were invited to consider how they negotiate the use of household space with their children. The work in the exhibition investigates physical and emotional spaces that are separate, shared or disputed. By representing the constant evolution of personal boundaries in specific parent/child relationships, the exhibition highlights topics that are publicly debated but only privately encountered. On Saturday, March 5, 2016, from 7pm to 10pm, join us for an opening reception with the artists: 


Milana Braslavsky

Nikki Brugnoli 

Edgar Endress

Billy Frieble

Roxana Alger Geffen

Erin Raedeke 

Megan Wynne 

Fabiola Alvarez Yurcisin


Olly Olly, located at 10417 Main Street, 2nd Floor in Fairfax, VA, is open Tuesdays 6pm-9pm, for special events, and by appointment. Domestic Territories will be on view at Olly Olly from February 29, 2016 through March 31, 2016. Please call 703-789-6144 for more information.

Strange Paradise at First Street Gallery

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Very happy to be included in the First Street Gallery's show, Strange Paradise, juried by Steven Harvey. It opened on June 27, 2015 and will be up until July 18, 2015. It's a very interesting show: with 144 artists, it had the potential to be a chaotic jumble, but is instead a coherent survey of contemporary work, and clear evidence of Steven Harvey's vision.

I was also pleased to discover that my cousin, Nicole Alger, a very accomplished painter, is also in the show, as well as my friend Susan Sussman.


Girl, 2014

The Studio Visit Profiles ME!

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Isabel Manolo, founder of The Studio Visit--and a very good artist in her own right--has posted her profile of her visit to my studio. Isabel is a force to be reckoned with: smart, insightful, talented, energetic and ambitious, she has juggled art making, teaching, motherhood, and founding + running The Studio Visit (a blog and arts organization.) She has also been an unflagging supporter of my work for which I am unbelievably grateful. When I met her, I was just beginning to find my way in the DC art scene, and her energy and encouragement felt like a lifeline. Praise from Isabel is high praise indeed!

Minecraft for old people

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As the foundation of my newest series, I've started playing Minecraft, taking screen shots and using them in my work. I only play in creative mode, so I live in a world of aimless, harmless monsters, some horses that I spawned, and one bunny who loves me. There is a town nearby but the villages only grunt and have horrible taste in architecture so I avoid them. So far I have built a house, stable, paddock, raised gardens, and a sort of decorative hill garden with stream. I have since torn down the first house + am building another. Oddly, although I could theoretically make anything, I find myself trying to make a kind of modest upgrade to reality. It's bigger than our house, much sparer, made of absurdly expensive materials (glass brick, birchwood and quartz) and surrounded by full-grown birch trees + a moat. And there's grass growing on the roof. But it's not made of snow or iron or 1000 feet high. Still, it's been a struggle. Among other things, I tried to put a pool on the roof but it leaked: the first evidence I've had of real-life conditions. 

Today I finished the roof garden + the bedroom and added a balcony that comes out from the bedroom. 

Bodies are Back

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I finally figured it out (pun almost entirely unintended): I missed painting people. So they are back, folded into the mix of abstract marks and collage. I don't really have any insight to it yet, but will post when I do.

Transformer Benefit Auction on November 22, 2014

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Transformer is an excellent, innovative DC gallery that shows risky, cutting-edge work curated by a sophisticated eye.  Their yearly benefit auction is always a good time and gives everyone an opportunity to buy work by their favorite artists. My piece "Lost Highway" is in the auction this year, held at American University's Katzen Arts Center on November 22, 2014. Come!

 On-line tickets are still available at Eventbrite or from Transformer's website.

And another thing:

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I love that Jeff Koons! Just saw his show at the Whitney. I remember when that work first appeared and I HATED it. I thought it was narcissistic, self-involved, concerned with the Art Market in a self-congratulatory way. But now it strikes me as exuberant and peculiar, almost lonely in its oddness. I love his celebration of the mundane, his elevation of small pleasures. And his big sculptures from the Celebration Series are amazing. His startling, effortless invocation of cognitive dissonance through the juxtaposition of materials--playdough made of aluminum that looks like foam--and manipulation of scale gave me the shivers.


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when I haven't been connected to my work for a while and then I get in again, it feels like I'd been holding my breath and then suddenly remembered to breathe.

Interesting, thoughtful article on the nature of photographic reality at Daily Serving

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Daily Serving has re-posted an earlier column by Danielle Sommer on photographic reality which is definitely worth reading.  The artists mentioned in the column, Urs Fischer and Miriam Bohm (as well as fellow VSC resident Jason Schwab) work with great effort and technical prowess to re-create the ordinary world, the "real" world of our everyday lives, and so focus our attention squarely on the nature of reality. In a way, this work reminds me of Magritte, particularly this painting:

    The Empire of Light, c. 1950–1954, Museum of Modern Art


The Empire of Light, c. 1950–1954, Museum of Modern Art

Our inability to reconcile the conflicting realities causes us an almost physical, vertiginous flicker of instability and unease.