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Breaking in Two

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I'm getting ready to install my solo show 'Motherload' at Flashpoint Gallery here in DC. The show is primarily about the creative chaos of parentlng and curator Laura Roulet, my awesome mentor for the project, forwarded me this review of the 2012 show 'Breaking in Two' which also focuses on the life of the artist/mother. The show challenges the traditional forms of motherhood and the work looks terrific. Thanks, Laura!

The Studio Visit Profiles ME!

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Isabel Manolo, founder of The Studio Visit--and a very good artist in her own right--has posted her profile of her visit to my studio. Isabel is a force to be reckoned with: smart, insightful, talented, energetic and ambitious, she has juggled art making, teaching, motherhood, and founding + running The Studio Visit (a blog and arts organization.) She has also been an unflagging supporter of my work for which I am unbelievably grateful. When I met her, I was just beginning to find my way in the DC art scene, and her energy and encouragement felt like a lifeline. Praise from Isabel is high praise indeed!

Transformer Benefit Auction on November 22, 2014

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Transformer is an excellent, innovative DC gallery that shows risky, cutting-edge work curated by a sophisticated eye.  Their yearly benefit auction is always a good time and gives everyone an opportunity to buy work by their favorite artists. My piece "Lost Highway" is in the auction this year, held at American University's Katzen Arts Center on November 22, 2014. Come!

 On-line tickets are still available at Eventbrite or from Transformer's website.