Minecraft for old people

Added on by Roxana Alger Geffen.

As the foundation of my newest series, I've started playing Minecraft, taking screen shots and using them in my work. I only play in creative mode, so I live in a world of aimless, harmless monsters, some horses that I spawned, and one bunny who loves me. There is a town nearby but the villages only grunt and have horrible taste in architecture so I avoid them. So far I have built a house, stable, paddock, raised gardens, and a sort of decorative hill garden with stream. I have since torn down the first house + am building another. Oddly, although I could theoretically make anything, I find myself trying to make a kind of modest upgrade to reality. It's bigger than our house, much sparer, made of absurdly expensive materials (glass brick, birchwood and quartz) and surrounded by full-grown birch trees + a moat. And there's grass growing on the roof. But it's not made of snow or iron or 1000 feet high. Still, it's been a struggle. Among other things, I tried to put a pool on the roof but it leaked: the first evidence I've had of real-life conditions. 

Today I finished the roof garden + the bedroom and added a balcony that comes out from the bedroom.